America’s Got Talent

Last Tuesday, I debuted on America’s Got Talent (video available here) and everything went insane.  That YouTube video alone has nearly 750,000 views and millions of people tuned into the live broadcast, which is mind-boggling to consider, especially since it means more people saw this set than have been in all of the live audiences I’ve performed for in my entire career COMBINED.  Total craziness.

Basically, this screengrab sums up how I’ve felt since then:

AGT Screengrab copy

Since then, all my social media exploded (which is a good thing) and have been able to mention this project in my exclusive interview with Matt Carter (also a good thing), so I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been that turning this Netflix special dream into a reality is close!  (Then again, I’m a comic, so optimism is usually followed by an unhealthy dose of cynicism and negativity, but I’m working on it.)

My next performance on America’s Got Talent airs TOMORROW (Tuesday, July 18) at 8 PM EST, so tune in!  Whatever happens, I’ve been blown away by the overwhelming amount of support by family, friends, and fans, so can’t thank everyone enough.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Still Touring: Cutting Room on April 18th in NYC


I was recently featured on Art of Magic’s Magic Thinking podcast (you can listen to the episode here) and offered people a link to the beta test of the special, which many people took me up on.  Excited to get new feedback to incorporate!

Also, I’m doing the full, uncensored show at the Cutting Room on Tuesday, April 18th, at 7:30 PM, so get your tickets soon!

As always, if you want to help in any way, reach out to me at – thanks in advance!


I have been on the road a crazy amount as of late, but keep making strides towards making this special a reality.  Part of that has been trying to get press for the special and for this blog in particular.  I’ve made some good in-roads (especially with publications I already have a relationship with), but hoping to really kick the PR machine into full gear by the end of this month.

Got the 1st official blog post in (post here) and have mentioned this blog in my regular column in Genii, the largest, oldest, and only-est magic magazine in the U.S., so hopefully this will begin to get the snowball rolling, if only a little.

If you know of anybody I should reach out to, are a reporter yourself, or have a blog/podcast you’d like me on, hit me up by e-mail!

New Year, Same-ish Goal


When I launched this blog last year, I had no idea if something this crazy (just literally asking for the thing you most want) would work out.  Still don’t.  But it’s definitely been really exciting working towards this massive goal.

So what happened since I launched the blog in 2016?  I toured the special around the country including at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  I also did a North American tour and my 5,000th show, which just so happened to be at Just for Laughs Montreal, a festival I’ve always wanted to do.  And we launched a beta test for the special, something’s that’s never been done with a special before, which led to some incredible feedback from you guys.

And now for 2017?  I’m expanding my focus.  I was featured on Seeso (NBC’s streaming comedy service) back in October (here’s a clip).  Both Seeso and Amazon have been launching really incredible specials, so I’m hoping to reach out to those services as well in order to see if they have any interest in a comedy+magic special.  (I hope they do!)  All of which means 2016’s is now 2017’s (but the old URL still works and is easier to type).

The special will be filmed this year.  There’s a director lined up and some plans already in motion.  There’s also a trailer to be revealed within the next month.  If I have to fund the special myself, I will.  I can’t wait to get this filmed, edited, and out there for everybody to enjoy, so it’s something I’m going to do everything in my power to get done.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey so far — there’s much more to come in 2017!

New dates!


I’m continuing to tour the show all around the country and the end of November and December is no exception!

I’ll be performing excerpts from the show Nov. 27 at the Parlor of Mystery (Lindenhurst, NY), Nov. 29 at Comedy Magic Monthly (New Haven, CT), and at a double-header on Dec. 19 at Monday Night Magic (5 & 8 PM at the Players Theatre in NYC).

On Dec. 27th at 9:30 PM, I’ll be performing the FULL uncensored, 70 min. show at Feinstein’s/54 Below in NYC, where it will be the first magic show EVER at the acclaimed venue.  So excited!  Tickets are available here.

Kennedy Center!


On Sunday, Nov. 6th, I performed the full special (all 70 uncensored minutes) at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  It was a HUGE honor and thrill and makes me even more excited about finally getting this thing filmed and on Netflix (fingers crossed)!

Look for clips soon, as well as the official trailer for the special (finally!) and additional tour dates!

Touring the Special

I’m excited to be touring Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? over the next few months, filming the shows for (at the very least) use in a trailer or pitch materials for the special.

Next Friday, Oct. 14th, at 7:30 PM, I’ll be at the Schimmel Center, performing the full, uncensored show as the opening of their fall season.  Tickets are available at

I’ll be announcing more dates soon (including Nov. 6th at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.!), so look for that, but in the meantime, I’ll see you on Oct. 14th!


North American Tour!

I’m currently in Chicago, the 4th stop on a North American tour that includes shows in Boston, Washington, D.C, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Here’s the current view of the lake from my hotel window:


I’m opening for the hilarious and unbelievably talented Gad Elmaleh (“the Jerry Seinfeld of France”) and having a blast!  We’re hitting 8 cities in 10 days, so it’s really been a whirlwind of a tour (and I’m loving every minute of it).

The tour ends with a show in Oakland, CA, and I’ll stay another 2 days on my own, taping a 10-12 min. set LIVE for Seeso’s “The Guest List: Live at the Barrel House,” which means I’m thaaaaat much closer to my Netflix special (I hope).

Follow all of my travel-related antics/photos via my Twitter and my Instagram.  And if you’re in one of the cities I’m in (all the show dates/places are on my tour calendar), say hi!