Magic Castle

I’m super-excited to announce that I’ll be performing at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood June 13-19, where you’ll be able to catch (you guessed it) excerpts from what I’m hoping will be the future Netflix special.

This will be my third time doing a week at the Castle (Magic Castle performers do 3 shows a night for 7 nights) and I couldn’t be more psyched.

Let’s hope everybody claps.

Magic Compass

The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) featured me and an article I wrote for them in their official blog, the Magic Compass, to promote my upcoming appearance at the S.A.M. National Convention in Indianapolis July 15th and 16th.  I’ll be doing an adults-only show on the 15th and the Saturday Night Gala on the 16th with excerpts on each night from the show that I’d like to turn into a special.  For Netflix.  Because website.

Read the article here.

(Bonus: I got to use the phrase, “butt flames.”)


How to help

Had fun plugging this blog/website/project on the D-Pad Podcast and on SiriusXM Ch. 121 yesterday.  If you’re new to the blog, we’re only a few posts in, so welcome!

In talking with people post-launch, I’ve realized that it would probably make sense to give you (my glorious readers) a way to help push this project closer to reality, so I’ve added a “How You Can Help” section to the website.  (It’s in the snazzy menu bar up top, too.)

In it, there are 3 easy steps to help me inch closer to a Netflix special, so if you’re able to do 1, 2, or all 3, I’d really appreciate it!

xoxo <— those are some early hugs and kisses of gratitude that I’m giving you ahead of time because I trust you that much already


Trying to blog every day

I guess the idea here is to blog every day about the steps I’ve taken towards achieving my dream (you know, the one that is the title of this whole project).

Last night, I headlined a show in Brooklyn.  Afterwards, I drunkenly spoke to two fellas who both work in production, both of whom encouraged me to produce the special myself.  Does that count as progress?

In more tangible news, I’m appearing on The D-Pad Podcast tomorrow at 12 PM (live!) and on ‘Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang’ on SirusXM (Ch. 121) at 4 PM (also live!).  I’ll be promoting this very blog you read here — let’s see if we can move the needle!

Officially launched!

Already overwhelmed by how many people have shared this site.  There will be a lot more to come (including video of excerpts from the show and a trailer!)

If you want to be involved in any way, just e-mail me at  You can also follow me on Twitter/Instagram, @harrisoncomedy.

If you *are* Netflix , the e-mail is still, but know I will jump out of my chair (I’ll probably be in a chair), run around my apartment screaming (I’ll probably be in my apartment), and take at least 5-10 seconds to compose myself before writing back.

I want a Netflix special.

There.  I said it.

I’m a professional comedian based out of New York and I’ve been working my ass off for the last 8 years.

I’ve done over 4,800 shows since 2009 (I’ll hit the big 5-0-0-0 this year), which is why both the NY Daily News and Time Out NY called me the “hardest-working man in comedy.”  Back in 2010, I won the Andy Kaufman Award.  And I’ve also been on NBC’s Last Comic Standing (which looked like this), National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games (which looked like this) and…

Blah, blah, blah.  You get it.  (If you really want to know more, you can read my bio.)

I’m also a magician.  I started when I was 5 years old, went to Magic Camp, and am even currently a columnist for the largest-selling magic magazine in the world, Genii Magazine.

It’s probably why I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18.

When I started pursuing stand-up comedy in college, I put the magic away for a while to focus on pure comedy.  As a veteran comic told me, the only way to get better at stand-up is to go on stage without a safety net — and magic was quite a safety net.

After a while though, I slowly started to put the two together.  The idea was to create a show as funny as any stand-up show and as amazing as any magic show, with material that was entirely created by me.

I debuted the show – Harrison Greenbaum: What Just Happened? – at the UCB in 2011 and sold-out multiple performances at the main stage in Chelsea.  I’ve been touring it ever since, including repeat engagements at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  I’ve also performed the show as a headliner at Monday Night Magic, the longest-running magic show in New York.  (I’ll tell you the whole story about that, going from a 10-year-old seeing the show to a high schooler being an usher at the show to being a headliner at a later date.)

The bottom line is: I have this show I’m really proud of, that people like.  Like, a lot.  And I’d love to turn it into a Netflix special.  But up until this point, I keep hitting wall after wall after wall.

I’m not sure if this blog will help or hurt the project, but I’ve decided to diligently record my journey.  I have a show.  I want Netflix to make that show a special.  And this blog will keep you posted on what I’m doing to make that dream a reality.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

(Oh, also, if you’re Netflix — or, really, anybody who can help in anyway — e-mail me at  I’ll write back real quick.  Especially if you’re Netflix.)