Summer Tour 2016 & Other News

Summer Tour 2016I’m touring the U.S. and Canada this whole summer, performing my special (or parts of my special) at most of these tour dates.  Headed to Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival (the biggest and most prestigious comedy festival in the world) this Monday, so hoping to run into some people who can help make this special a reality!

In other news, continuing to get great (and super-helpful) feedback from the beta test, as well as adding little things to the show on my own, thanks to being able to run the show/special at the Magic Castle, Tannen’s Magic Camp, and at the Society of American Magicians’ National Convention in Indianapolis.

All of that, and I got to break in my new suit (which is the one I’d like to wear for the special).  I know this sounds silly, but I’ve been wearing the same suit since 2005 when I was a sophomore in college, so 11 years later, I finally have a suit that’s current and fits really well.  (One of the more recurring comments from the beta has actually been, “Get a better suit!”  Well, I’ve listened and I do now!  Easy fix!)

More news soon!

(For details and tickets to these shows, visit

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