North American Tour!

I’m currently in Chicago, the 4th stop on a North American tour that includes shows in Boston, Washington, D.C, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Here’s the current view of the lake from my hotel window:


I’m opening for the hilarious and unbelievably talented Gad Elmaleh (“the Jerry Seinfeld of France”) and having a blast!  We’re hitting 8 cities in 10 days, so it’s really been a whirlwind of a tour (and I’m loving every minute of it).

The tour ends with a show in Oakland, CA, and I’ll stay another 2 days on my own, taping a 10-12 min. set LIVE for Seeso’s “The Guest List: Live at the Barrel House,” which means I’m thaaaaat much closer to my Netflix special (I hope).

Follow all of my travel-related antics/photos via my Twitter and my Instagram.  And if you’re in one of the cities I’m in (all the show dates/places are on my tour calendar), say hi!