America’s Got Talent

Last Tuesday, I debuted on America’s Got Talent (video available here) and everything went insane.  That YouTube video alone has nearly 750,000 views and millions of people tuned into the live broadcast, which is mind-boggling to consider, especially since it means more people saw this set than have been in all of the live audiences I’ve performed for in my entire career COMBINED.  Total craziness.

Basically, this screengrab sums up how I’ve felt since then:

AGT Screengrab copy

Since then, all my social media exploded (which is a good thing) and have been able to mention this project in my exclusive interview with Matt Carter (also a good thing), so I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been that turning this Netflix special dream into a reality is close!  (Then again, I’m a comic, so optimism is usually followed by an unhealthy dose of cynicism and negativity, but I’m working on it.)

My next performance on America’s Got Talent airs TOMORROW (Tuesday, July 18) at 8 PM EST, so tune in!  Whatever happens, I’ve been blown away by the overwhelming amount of support by family, friends, and fans, so can’t thank everyone enough.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


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