America’s Got Talent: National Exposure x2

Back in July, I wrote about the incredible response I received from the airing of my America’s Got Talent audition (post here).

Here’s a video clip from that episode, which is now close to getting 1,000,000 views:

And here’s what they aired of my 2nd set for Judge Cuts:

(That’s a very edited down version of a much longer joke, which you can see here:


It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least, with a huge spike in social media (shameless plug: you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram) and a bunch of performance opportunities, but overall the main excitement was just the exposure to a broader audience (each episode gets 20-30 million viewers, which is more viewers than all of my live audiences throughout my entire career combined).

The boost hasn’t led to a Netflix special yet, but the new fans (you guys rock!) have definitely been tweeting about it a whole bunch and every last bit helps!  I also think in the long run the national exposure also increases the odds Netflix finally pulls the trigger and greenlights the special, but I guess we’ll have to see!

Tomorrow: photos and stories from my trip to Abbott’s 80th Magic Get-Together!

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