How You Can Help

Thanks for offering to help!  (You did click “How You Can Help,” so I’m taking that as an offer.  It’s too late to back out now.)

There are 3 ways you can help:

  • Follow me on Twitter (@harrisoncomedy)
    • Industry look at social media numbers, so every bit helps!
  • Fill out this Netflix form and ask for a special from Harrison Greenbaum (that’s me!)
    • Through the app, phone, or live chat, state: “Please add a special from Harrison Greenbaum!  He’s my favorite comedian and magician!”
  • Tweet at @reedhastings, the CEO of Netflix, and @robbiepraw, the Head of Comedy for Netflix, asking them to make the special (and to check out this site).
    • Please be nice!  And respectful!
    • (I know you will be, but just want to make sure.  Kisses.)

If you can do all three, THANK YOU!!!  In fact, tweet at me once you have and I’ll send you a personalized picture of me showing gratitude!